Our Story

The "eye" behind Keye, Kim Hall, honed her skills during her many years of Merchandising, Design and global trend-spotting in the famous Southern California Skate & Surf Industry. This extensive travel led to relationships with makers and crafts people, and an inspiring string of treasures were brought home from around the globe to be shared with family and friends.

With Keye, Kim now has the opportunity to curate and create for a much broader audience. Conceived as a retail concept, Keye has the intentions of going about the business of retail in a new way, that better connects with the modern consumer: Embracing nomadic consumerism and engaging with local community, while supporting and promoting small businesses.  

Keye looks to stimulate and accent people's lives with products for themselves as well as for their living spaces. Keye believes in a life well lived, in all aspects of life, and understands the importance of an environment that is beautiful, comforting and welcoming.